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Jun 6, 2010
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I have been seing places to download and buy LR3 and other softwares for significantly less. How do they get a way with this? They seem too good to be true. I found one place where you can get LR3 for $59. Can someone enlighten me?
Unless it's a student discount it sounds like a scam.
There are lots of scams for softwares on the Internets.
All these rock bottom prices are cams/hacks/piratings. The most common is people selling or giving away access codes to the software - you then download the trial of the adobe website and enter in their code to activate it - of course you've just stolen the program and voided any webupdate possibilities for it (any connection to the web will pickup the fact that the code is being used on multiple machines at the same time).

Other pirate options will be hacks or downloads -any of which can come loaded with trojans and back door entry points for people to get into your computer - they won't then need long to wait to get you bank details or card details - clean you out and do a runner.

So on a legal and moral point it IS stealing whilst on a security front its opening up the chance that your computer will be hacked - so overall its just not worth the cheap cost. Adobe products are expensive but its far better (and morally correct) to purchase from a legitimate shop.
Overead.. I completely understand what you are saying. What I do not undestand is that there are so many websites ending with .com offering these products.
Not sure about this particular one. Of course you can check with Adobe and see.

And this type of business practice happens all the time. A company want to get the product at a lower cost. They can do so by meeting a criteria such as buy/resell it at a great volume.

Long time ago, there was a computer store that buy/resell IBM PC and they committed a volume that they cannot even sell them all regularly. Instead, they sold the excessive stock at cost to their dealers. So that company can lower their cost and their dealers were able to buy at a lower cost too. Just happened the name of one dealer went there, bought the machines and sold them back in the school is Michael Dell.

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