Solar charger for Nikon Batteries.


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Jan 20, 2008
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Is there a solar charger for Nikon EN-EL9 Lithium Ion Batteries? I plan on using my camera on some extended back country trips.
Thanks Monz
just get a universal solar panel that charges anythign with adapters
I was really looking with as few parts as possible less parts = less weight. Any suggestions on specific chargers and adapters?
Remember, solar panels don't provide much juice per square foot. Small and light might not get the job done. And overcast days eat into there efficiency. I would look for a roll-up type panel with about 200% the capacity you think you will need. You may need to choose your shots carefully to not expend your batteries too quickly. Also, finding an adapter for LI-Ion batteries might be difficult. They require special chargers to prevent the batteries from catching fire.
I would just buy a couple of spare batteries and take them with you. Seems like a lot less hastle than a solar charger...and it's a lot less space & weight.

You can get them HERE for $20

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