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Dec 12, 2007
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New Hampshire
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I don't get much of a spending limit for xmas, but I would like to start out with a dslr. I already have a Nikon N65 35mm slr and some lenses so I somewhat know what I'm doing. I know everyone dislikes the nikon d40 and d40x, but it is pretty much all I can afford. I have two lenses which I'm sure of which won't autofocus but will still work in manual. Should I just go for the d40 or d40x, or should I buy a used d70 from keh? Thanks.
I definitely would go with the used D70.
i know some one with the d70 its a good beginner camera, lacking a few options but still good.
Definately go with the D70 or D70s. I had the D40 and wasn't happy with it. Sold it and picked up a used D70s and couldn't be happier (well, I could, but not for the price).
Thanks a lot for your advice, I will go for the used d70.

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