Some beginner's HDRs and pics please C&C! :)


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Jul 8, 2010
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Heya :) I recentlly been snapping around with my camera and getting the hang of it :) I did some HDRs -but my god they were hard to do! despite the fact that i have use a tripod to take the shots,they still doesn't fit together at all which is rather annoying D: i aplogise for the noisy details in it, i have no idea where they came from because from the orginal pic it didn't appear to have it :(

heres the HDR picture:


heres some snapshots :

sorry this ones a bit out of focus , i will try to improve it next time! :)



sorry this is so hectic! please comment on it since i am a newbie and i would love to improve myself! :D
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Just a heads up, alot of people ont his forum are not fans of links, check below on how to post actual images in the thread. Don't worry I made the exact same mistake on my first couple posts, I got 0 C&C on them, then I posted the actual photos in the thread and, BOOM! got a ton of C&C right away.

What you want to do is find the URL for the photo in properties and place it in between
and it should appear.
Thanks very much!
but may i ask a question? what do you meant properties? Do i just have to put the brackets infront and behind the url? thanks very much!
i have tried to upload the pictures in the gallery in this fourm,but it never uploaded anything:( it saids it has uploaded the picture,but it had never appeared in my gallery :(
If you're going to take the time to blend exposures in PP, take the time to level the horizon...
Alright wheny ou right click on your photo in Flickr or anything like that you hit properties and then the URL appears. You want to copy that and paste it in between
If you're going to take the time to blend exposures in PP, take the time to level the horizon...

I have done these ones on a trial programn and it didn't really let me level the horizon :( but thanks for the advice anyway! maybe i should shoot with a camera lead next time XP
Yes that would definately help a little. Maybe just get the full version and experiment a little bit and see what you can come up with. Also another little tiny thing your doing that I first did. People on this forum appreciate punctuation and grammar. If you take the time to add punctuation and adjust your grammar. They will take the time to help you out, C&C your work, and give advice. Just a heads up. :thumbup:

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