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Sep 21, 2005
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Toronto, Canada
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Hi All, It's been a while (bought and am presently renovating my new home with my husband). I had some free time yesterday so thought I'd take advantage of the great weather her in T.O. Here is my attempt at some bird photos - nothing close to the likes of Raymond, Canoncan or Airic (still have so much to learn - it's frustrating). These images are straight from the camera with exception to some cropping. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on the bird names.

1 Killdeer

2 Killdeer (angry cuz she/he was sitting on her eggs when I almost litterally stumbled across her/him)

3 Tree swallow

4 Swan (don't know brand :blushing: )

5 no clue here... not in my bird book:lmao:
Oh, I like that very close-up and personal photo of the angry "Killdeer" (they really are called that?)... even around her eyes she looks mad with you for getting so close! So they nest on the ground, apparently?

And the swallows are extra nice. Very good action photo.

And you did NOT find your last "bird" (e-hem) in your bird book????
Write to the editor.
Say he missed out on...

... on second thought, get yourself a book on snakes, maybe ;) :wink: ?!?!
nice captures, love the snake... :thumbup:
thanks for the comments everyone... and yes LaFoto according to my bird book it is indeed called a Killdeer. It's a shorebird and it creates its nest on the ground. I nearly stepped on her eggs.
Nice job. The Kildeer like to draw you away from the nest by faking a broken wing, so you did get close. You captured an awesome moment in your swallow shot. I think it was a great day.
Canonocan, thanks for the info on the Killdeer. The only way I found out what kind of bird it was was because I came across a very similar picture as #2 in my bird book and it explained the reasoning behind the behaviour (just like you said). Otherwise, with the frontal shot I took, I'd not have been able to tell cuz they look so different from othe angles. Raymond, I assumed the snake to be a Garter... looked it up and yes, it is. I made it angry too, but couldn't get a picture of it hissing at me - too quick. Melcooney, the swan shot is my fave too. I love the detail in the feathers (looks better in high res on my home computer - I must admit). Thanks again for the comments everyone.
Yup, that is in fact a garter snake. Nice lookin' one at that. Great picture! I admit the title caught my attention since snakes along with photography are two of my hobbies.

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