some cool tree - c&c welcome!

Discussion in 'Nature & Wildlife' started by chammer, Jul 30, 2009.

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    1/750 @ f/5.6 - iso 200
    shot with my tamron 75-300

    i think this is one of if not THE absolute best shot i have taken to date. 100% untouched by any editing program - didnt even scale it down. uploaded the 3.8mb file straight from the camera. i still cant believe my eyes. it looks so photoshopped lol.

    needless to say this definitely justified (for me) the xsi purchase, and really justified the massive $126 (lol) price tag for the lens. :D :D :D

    c&c much appreciated! ;)

    p.s. - my first post here as i just found these forums. so, umm..hi! :p


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