Some film shot I just got developed


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Jul 1, 2009
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cornelius, NC
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So, I just got back from the store to pick up the film with the disc, here are my favorites that came out, it was mostly to test out the old Minolta XD11 my co-worker gave me that had quite a bit of corrosion, but now I know it works

1. $creek.jpg





Can you get a polarizer for the camera in image 5? I took one made for a video camera and adapted it for use on an old brownie and got some great results though it made for some long exposures. I think on all the above shots, a polarizer might have helped or a ND filter to allow for exposing the water and woods but holding back the sky.
The only filter that came in the bag full of equipment the with camera was a skylight filter that fits the 28-80mm lens and not the 28-70mm that i used, and the 28-80 has a nice scratch right in the middle that won't come out and I didn't want to waste shots on it
Nice series, though the one of the flowers turned a little flat - which could be the scan, of course. I think the first one is the best - nice tonal range and sweet grain. :)

Nice work from that Minolta!
Thanks terri, I like the tonal range in the first one too, its my favorite one that came out of the shoot
Nice to see that the old Minolta works!
Minolta like Minolta :)wink:) I would like to see that Kodak Diomatic in action. What film it was ?

It takes 616 film, I have no experience in film except for the normal 35mm, I can find it custom made online for about 30 dollars for like 6 shots and mail it out to get developed, I'm worried about light leaks in the bellows though

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