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Apr 7, 2009
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I'm looking into purchasing a camera this summer. I've been doing a lot of research into the cameras but I can't make a decision. This would be my first time buying a DSLR but I have experience with them at school, my school uses Canon XS's or maybe the XTi I'm blanking right now. I've narrowed it down to the Canon XTi the XSi, and the D60 My price range is around $750 (including the lens, so a kit camera would be nice) max seeing as I need to get a summer job to buy it for myself (I'm 14 and I don't want to burden my parents with a purchase like this). I don't need liveview or a ton of megapixels just a good solid camera. I would like to know what you guys think would end up being the best choice I'd probably end up doing a lot of landscape work and rendering some of the shots into HDR pictures.

My priorities in a camera are: Image quality (MPs do nothing for me), lens selection, durability, and fps.

If you guys can suggest any other cameras for me I'd appreciate it.


EDIT: Also I'm considering the Pentax 200D
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Can't really help with the Canon or Pentax (both good brands, just never used their current lineup) but if I were you I would go with a D80 instead of the D60, which I did.

Example: D60 (about $475) + 105mm Micro VR (about $800) = $1275
D80 (about $575) + 105mm 2.8D (about $500) = $1075

Example 2: D60 (about $475) + 70-300 G AF-S(about $600) = $1075
D80 (about $575) + 70-300 D (about $150) = $725

Older lenses will work fine on the D80, as will newer ones, but only AF-S (much more expensive in some cases) will work on the D60.

Not to mention commander mode and more dedicated buttons for things like ISO, AF, etc.

To confuse you more, you can hold out for the Canon T1i. It's all the range right now... people getting in pre-orders and all. :p
Hmm, the T1i looks a little pricey and the D80 is an interesting option but again seems a little pricey too I know I said my budget was around $750 but I don't think I'll want to part with that much unless I know what I'm buying is worth it.

Anyone else, I really need your help, thanks.
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I like what you have said so far - you haven't gotten sucked into the MP hype.

I'm a 35 year Nikon shooter so I can't tell you anything about Canon, but it seems like since you have access to Canon lenses at school.........

Before deciding to spend a bunch of money on the latest greatest body, take a look around at what happens to the resale value in just the first few years.

Go cheap on the body at first and save for great glass which will still be great in many years - and it will still have a high resale value.

Ok, thanks I'm starting to realize that what you're paying for is the ability to put a good lens on your camera not really a great camera at this point. I guess the body become more relevant as you get more serious.


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