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    Hi, i have never owned my own SLR but i have been very lucky to have a Dad who uses a EOS 1D so i have gained my knowledge using that camera. I heard about the Canon 7D before many of the rumours had reached the internet, since then i decided that was the camera for me because it had more features than the 50D and was not near the price tag of the 5D. So last night i finally ordered it as body only. My questions are:

    1. I was given a ef28-135mm canon lens, has any one used this lens with the 7D and how well dose it work with both stills and video.

    2. What is the best all-round lens for video on the 7D.

    3. Any recommendations for small portable 5" - 8" screen that will work for a live view focus monitor and also for framing when filming.

    4. When filming a lot of footage can you tether a laptop and use the laptops hard drive as storage rater than the CF card, what other ways are there for storage of video on the go.

    Thats all for now, thanks for all your help!



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