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Dec 21, 2015
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Hi all and first of all thank you for reading my topic. I am a new member of this forum and a begginer in photography i would like to ask the more experienced around here :

if there is some kind of course that teaches us on how to get more photogenic and confortable around the camera

and any other good recommendations for courses in that aspect´

opinions are very welcomed

thank you


Hmm, afraid not, my young padawan.

You should try not to think much about the camera at this time ... just stick it in auto everything and take pictures. Too many new photographers thing they have to know everything to take a good image.
Just relax ... an make the camera an extension of your eye.

The Force will be one with you without effort ... let it flow through you.
You just focus on the thing which you want capture, a perfect click in perfect time will give you an extraordinary pics. Jus focus on your creativeness. :encouragement:
I'd suggest taking a class in person if possible in your area. Or look up famous photographers and see what they did, are there any you find that you related to?

Spend time thinking about what you see in your viewfinder, is it what you want in your picture? will it make a good picture? Think about how it looks when you frame a shot - what happens if you move a step or two, notice how that places objects/subjects. Think about if the composition looks balanced.

Learn how to get proper exposures in various lighting conditions. Notice how the depth of field looks different with different apertures. The more you use the camera and practice the more you'll probably get comfortable with it.
....... how to get more photogenic and confortable around the camera............

Are you asking about how to use a camera, or be a model?
It reads to me as a question on the modelling side.
I'm not aware of any such courses - it's the photographers job to put the subject at ease. I've seen some on-line tips on doing that, but I'm not much good at it so my few people pictures tend to be candids.
thanks for all the kind replies everyone has left im sure i will be lookin into it :)

i believe what im lookin for is to know how to build a better relationship with the camera, with the mirror, because i dont really like to see myself in pictures and i would like to get some expertise on how to improve that so important thing, especially nowadays for work social networks etc

I know might be an odd question but im just be honest this is an area i would really like to improve but im kinda in a dead end and i dont know what to do

opinions are welcomed

Just take pictures and see what you like or dislike about them.
Give yourself little projects which will focus on one thing and give you some thing to concentrate on.
I had a little project last week to photograph tree fungus. Picture the scene of me setting up a tripod ankle deep in mud in a local park. One of the park staff came over to ask what I was doing and I explained, he laughed and when I was done I met him for a coffee and showed him the pics. Next time I go to the park I have his number and we will explore more fungus together. Not only did I get fungus pics but I made A friend.
Examples of my little projects:
  • green
  • sky
  • crowds
  • chair with shadow
  • potato
  • ballpoint pen
  • panorama
  • vertical panorama
  • food
  • food macro
  • phone pics
You get the idea?

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