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Jan 17, 2008
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Hi all, i was wondering if anybody could help me with a problem. I will be going out later on tonight to do some night photography, the film ive loaded my K1000 with that i have is 3200 ASA, my only problem is, im not entirely sure what the best settings would be, it would be greatly appreciated if anyone could kindly offer some guidance! Thank You
I know a little about digital and zip about film but I would think what you plan on shooting has a lot to do with the settings. If you have any idea what you're planning on shooting maybe someone more knowledgeable can offer up some suggestions.
Well i think the best way to describe what im going to be doing is taking pictures of someone under mostly street lamp settings
shoot wide open and use a tripod.
Depending on what kind of 'night' shots you're doing, it should be possible to hand hold with 3200. This shot is from my K1000 is 400iso, pushed to 800, handheld, while walking, and wide open. It was night. City lights help.. of course, if you're not near streetlights, the tripod suggestion is valid.

Thanks for your help guys

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