Some LaCrosse Photos. C & C Please


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Nov 15, 2008
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Near Chicago.
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I'm hoping these are good enough to sell photo packages to the parents.

I was thinking of donating a % back to the club as a fund raiser. The coach is a friend of mine, and he has worked his butt off getting this league off the ground. I'd like to help out a little.

Anyone out there ever done a fund raiser like this before? Or if this is common practice to have a contract/agreement between photographers and teams/leagues to give back a %. I'd like to know from your experience.

Here's the Whole Gallery



Post edit. I deleted a bunch of my originals from my gallery and processed them through Lightroom2. More photos below. Thanks.


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Come on guys, help me out here. I know my shots aren't GREAT, but they're not that bad are they?

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Dan, I think your images would be good enough to sell to parents, parents only. The images themselves have nothing special to offer for creative composing in my opinion.
1. Is the best shot for me, good composure
2. Too much L/R dead space, should have been portrait
3. ...
4. Too much going on
5. Unfortunate the other player is there and needs a crop
6. Oponents stick is distracting
The unfortunate thing is, I can see emotion in every players face, you need to capture that. Your right, they are not great and they are not bad.
If you can:
* use a lens to get right in their faces on some shots (rent one for experiment)
* lay on the ground and shoot up for some
* sounds wierd, but bring a step ladder to a game and shoot down for some
* get some shots from the ends of the ground
* try panning
Just some ideas
Regarding the selling part, I sell images for profit. I have a way I would handle this, no I'm not going to advise you. Last time a poster asked for advice on this, me and 1 other member replied, he/she didn't agree. So for what it's worth, do what you want. Live by your precedent!
The faces are too dark. With the bright sunlight, the faces are left in shadow.
Thanks a lot guys. I do appreciate the feedback.

After looking at it a little differently, I see your point. I went back and cropped a good number of photos to try and focus the shots at little bit more.

Here's a few updates, and some new shots too.

The helmets definitely shade the faces too, I'll try to avoid that in the future.

Thanks again,






the moms will like the candid portrait, the kids the antion shots, and the dads maybe both

Can't recall where I read it, a sports shots said, that he sold more shots of kids coved in mud on the sidelines to mom that antion shots

also crop your shots to 8x10
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For me they could be playing any game it's only the T ****s that give it away, they would be better with the stick going across the body with the ball in the net

Thanks again for all your comments. I made some improvements, I think. Cropping and tried to remove some of the shadowing off the faces.




3.(edited #2)

Much better shots. I'm going down the same path right now, I did this for a wrestling club over the winter. Sure is fun. Good luck.
careful of your blurring with the background. Looks like you used gaussian blur as a layer mask to hit the background. Of course its best to use a fast lense, but if you dont, when you do the mask, make sure you blend it well. Also, like in the second to last photo, you should leave a little bit in focus or as close as possible on the bottom or else it throws the picture off, seems like you just pasted the person on a background

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