Some of my 1st pictures with my 1st camera


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Jan 7, 2008
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Alright now break me down! I am looking for advice and what i can do diffrently. I dont use photoshop yet (cus i dont have it $$$). I did use a free program for my 1st picture. Anyway let me know what you think.
Also as you can see some of these pics were taken literally out a window or walking though a parking lot getting back from snowboarding. So i know its not great :)
beautiful dog. I like 4 the best...nice detail in the snow.

For future reference...always number your pics so we can comment without counting them ourselves...

Keep're doin it right.
On #1 I think the blue ground is actually pretty cool.
On #2 I don't think you got the focus right. (looks like you focused on the leaves)
On #3 the subject bores me a little.
On #4 you did a good job. Good capture.
On #5 I think the white balance is off a bit. Everything is blue.

Pretty good shots overall, that dog of yours looks great so I think you should continue to take pictures of him. I just gave you a little bit of advice since you asked for it. :mrgreen:

By the way, it's worth getting photoshop. All you really need is Elements 5.0 or something similar (it's what I use). Nice and cheap.
Thanks All. I agree #3 is boring and #5 is well blue I shot it out my window so i didnt shoot my white balance first (lazy). I am planning on taking more shots of my dog this weekend if i can get some decent weather.

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