Some Of My favourite B&W Stuff


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Jun 10, 2003
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Melbourne, Australia
My first post.


Temple Park in Brunswick - where I used to live.


Some work mates on a tram - here in Melbourne.


Melbourne can be beautiful by night.

All these were shot with my Canon AE-1 Pro, on Kodak C-41 B&W (ISO400). The top two are colour scans, last one I converted to true grayscale. I think the colour looks much better/richer.

Anyway, hope they are pleasing.


Sorry for the name on some of these - I can't find the original scans to a lot of my work. :?
well golly chuck! welcome to the boards!! i love the one of your friends on the train. looks good enough for a professional advertisement...cha ching!

I'll second the train photo. Well done!

I like the first one, very moody.

Last one doesn't seem to have the depth the other two do. Very old world industrial.

**waves hi**

First of all hi. Secondly I'd like to say great shots. I like the mood in the first one, but for some reason I like the people on the train the best. Excellent work.
I love to see B&W but I generally use colour myself. I agree with you that the colour scans of the B&W photos are better. You can change the mood by subtley altering the tone. Good shots.
that's great work. The train pic looks cropped, is it? If so you've got valuable editing skills too.
That 2nd shot is great... I really like the composition along with the moods you captured in the passengers.
Hi, thanks for your comments. Yes, I cropped these pics. The top one I cropped ever so slightly, the 2nd one I cropped a lot and the bottom one I cropped lengthyways only. There was the headlights of that Japanese car - which totally screwed with the 'period' of the photo.

Often cropping is one of the hardest things for me to do. Not because it's hard to see if it looks good, but because it usually means I have to lose a portion of a photograph that I particularly like. Such as a nice highlight at the edge of a pic. Oh well. Once it's done - it's done! And you can always recrop - as long as you don't lose your original scans like I do. Haha

Thanks again,

these are fabulous!
i too love the train shot
fabulous shots of melbourne. i hope to come down there soon.
great to see another aussie here!

welcome :)
these are so impressive, i almost don't feel qualified to comment on them.
my favorite is the first- though i really like the emotion in the second.
i really love the first and second one ... i love shadows in my photographs ... for people .. i almost always do black and white there just more interesting in that way :D

fabulous work :wink:

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