Some random shots.

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    Here's my first post. ever:D
    sooo. i recently got my hands on a digital SLR, and after few months of not even starting it, i finally found the time to start exploring the vast world of digital photography. few years ago i played with analog photography, but as a teenager, i got bored.
    these are the pics taken randomly just testing the camera out, to see wich button does what:D
    C&C welcome!

    Some guitar

    Rust on chrome

    Fine tuner.

    An attempted portarit

    and my first swings at HDR


    Sorry about the stupid motives, the weather is not cooperating these days.

    and it seems that flickr has shrunk my photos. a lot. oh well...
    any comments and especially ADVICE are welcome!

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    nice set of pictures.
    when you plan to post pictures, resize them, sharpen and then upload them.
    That way you won't be depending on your hosting site to do anything but host.

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