Some recent pictures from this week...


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Apr 14, 2007
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I'm not sure if I really like any of them, but maybe you guys could tell me what you think.


This one bothers me a little bit because his hair is out of focus.

The first one does not do anything for me; it is just a picture of a concrete wall. The subject does not appeal to me.

In the second one the Hasselblad seems to be in focus, not the head of the photographer. That is disturbing. A smaller aperture would have insured that both were in focus. Also, the camera bag in the bottom right corner is disturbing and does not add anything to the picture
Sweet, thanks for your opinions.
Well, despite the funny colour in the first, that one at least made me want to play with it a little. I did (you say you are ok with your photos being edited, right?) ... the version is a bit surrealistic now, but in my version it becomes the more obvious that something is missing in front of the bare wall.

I find the second lacks quite a bit compositionally. His head is in the very centre of the frame, he has a bit of room to photograph into, but not really much, I would expect him to be more over on the right (no camera bag to be seen) with more room in front of him. Your frame also cuts right through his one knee and we see some of the tripod but not much - that, too, looks ... unplanned.
I like the first one. You should just include the lights that gave the walls that overall yellow color. Than maybe add some people in there for some casting shadows.
Anyway, just my opinion.
Too much red in the second picture.
I edit the 2nd one a bit. Its still fairly red, but taking anymore out starts to flatten the image. I cropped him closer to the right edge as well and took out the bag. I tried to bring his head back into focus too.

Its not the best, but I think its an improvement:

Great, thanks very much guys. The second picture was just a snap shop while we were shooting something else (he didnt know he was being shot, somewhat of a candid picture)

Oh and the first pictures lights were tinted yellow, so that may be why your not liking the colors.
I like the 1st shot, but I think it could be made way better if you were to add a subject (person or object) on the benches.
the first one is a kind of boring subject, but you made the best of it because the lines are really intriguing. as for the second, well i like your friend because he wears good jeans. yes i have a jean fetish.
I like the 1st shot, but I think it could be made way better if you were to add a subject (person or object) on the benches.
When I scan the med format picture's there will be a couple with objects on that wall, hopefully the test shots were indeed inferior than the real shots we took that night.

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