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Mar 1, 2009
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It was unusually warm this weekend in my area and I decided to get out an take a few pics. Unfortunately the sky was very overcast so in some of my photos the sky is blown out. I digitally matted these, I think it makes them easier to view. I hope that doesn't ruin it for any one. FYI, I laid these out in the order of least favorite to most favorite. I like #3 & #4 the best. Please take a look and critique. Thanks





Can a mod please fix the title to say 'Some photos from the weekend', Please?
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I really like #3 and #4, with #4 being my favorite. Very nice shots.
Thanks for the input. These shots don't have any wow factor, but I wasn't going for that. I want to make sure I am getting proper exposure and that I am composing well. #4 is definately my favorite too.
No.1. Like the idea but the flat overcast (and slightly blown) sky detracts from it, and more importantly the horizon's not straight.

No.2. Doesn't do much for me plus the sky is well and truly blown. This would be difficult to expose for anyway. If you expose for the shadows the sky will blow. If you expose so that the sky is not blown you'll lose the shadows. In situations like these I'd try another angle that would take the sky out of the picture.

No.3. Nice - Like it

No.4. Again I like it, and good use of bokeh to make the subject stand out, but the gull and the plinth don't seem to be quite in focus.
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I knew #1 and #2 would be bad because of the sky. I called it quits after a half hour of shots because of this. In #1 I knew the horizon was crooked but I kinda had to do it. Every other shot where the horizon was straight the Binoculars looked strange. As far as #4 goes I don't know if it the resample of the picture or not that is making it seem blurry. I tried focusing for the eye so who knows. Thanks for taking a look and critiqueing. Every opinion helps me get better.
IMO these are not bad at all... Concidering the subjects aren't the most intersting ones i think you've done good job with the composition :). The sky in the second shot, as said before, is blown badly but with a couple of different exposures it could have been fixed afterwards. I like third the best.
I really appreciate your comment. My strong point has never been composition so that is the one thing that I am actively putting more focus on. I commented in the thread about being so frustrated that you left a shoot, it can be read here. In that thread I talked about how I had to cut my day short. So the subjects were limited to what was at our small community beach. Anyway thanks to all that have taken a look and provided input. ;)
I liked 3. 4 was fine, but seemed a bit on the more typical side, so not exciting.

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