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Aug 27, 2012
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Orlando, FL
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Florida Real Estate in January...someone has to sell these houses...might as well be me!

Can I call you a Jerk and not be offensive? LOL just kidding-- but I'm selling real estate in Wyoming and we have a TON of snow! No one is buying or listing in this weather!
Haha...I was wondering if a fellow Realtor would see this and say something like that!

Listings are selling right away, buyers are putting in full price offers, its 70 degrees and sunny most days, its amazing.
You may want to stop for some fuel, looks like your horses are getting mighty thirsty! Would hate for you to have to walk in that sunny and 70 degree weather.... LOL!
Haha, yep was on E, good eyes!
Your title had me convinced I was going to see a picture of the complete white-out we are suffering through in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast this evening.

Boy was I surprised when opened the thread! :) LOL
The fuel gauge looks very familiar,oh yea the wife's car always when I go to use it. Apparently it's a hybrid that run on air.

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