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Apr 19, 2003
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Pasco, WA
Just a little bit of nostalgia for me. Dug this out of the box of old slides and it reminded me of how volatile the weather is in the summer there.


I miss the thunderstorms, but not the power outages. :lol:

you didnt alter that?!

thats incredible and how well youve captured it

breathtaking photograph :thumbsup:
manda- Nope, that's what it looked like. The pic was underexposed about a stop (on purpose) to make the colors a bit more vibrant, but that's it.

It looked even better in person. :wink:

Sometimes I just get really lucky. This was one of those times. :lol:

Incredible shot- as usual! what kind of software did you use to frame, title, and copyright it?
Thanks to all for the kind words.

Osmer- I just used Photoshop to increase the canvas size by 100 pixels both vertically and horizontally. The "frame" color was the current background color. Likewise the black border is a 2 pixel increase in the canvas size, with black as the background color.

You can do the same thing in Paint Shop Pro, and probably Photoshop Elements (that's a guess, I've never used it).

If you can't increase your canvas size you can create a new image with the "frame" color you like and bigger than the original by how ever many pixels you want the frame to be. Then you can copy and paste the original pic onto the new graphic you created. Sounds more complicated than it really is.

Any graphics program should do the text.

If all that isn't clear let me know and I'll try harder to confuse you more. :wink:

i dont know about anybody else, but i live in SC and see weird weather all the time, but that picture really captured what happens down here sometimes.

great work.


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