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Feb 17, 2009
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St John's, NL
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EOS Digital Rebel XS Black Exclusive Package

I am thinking of getting that deal, but I am wondering if that is a reputable site!

This will be my first DSLR and I wouldn't really like to be scammed out of my money ;)

Thanks for the help in advance!

Also, the lens "Canon 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Standard Zoom Auto Focus Lens w/ 1 Year USA Warranty"... one of my friends was telling me something about getting an IS lens? What is this, and does that lense have it?

Wow, looks like people went through hell there!

Thanks alot, I'll find a different site.

Anyways, it turns out they don't ship internationally, as I live in Canada.

Does anyone know of a few reputable sites?

I know of adorama, but any others? Any Canadian ones you know of?

Thanks, Jordan
I checked it out, but shipping was pretty bad.

$35 and thats with UPS, which I refuse to use to ship cross-border, because they are the only shipping method I ever get charged customs on. One time, I bought a paintball gearbag for 100, and got $69 in customs..

Thanks though.
You're not going to find many (if any) online camera retailers. If you are looking for a "good deal" on a camera, then you need to look for a used one or accept the fact that this stuff does NOT get discounted very much.
I have ordered a lot of stuff from B&H. The price is usually much lower than what I can find at Canadian stores, which makes up for the shipping and/or brokerage charges.

There is no duty on Camera gear but you may have to pay customs brokerage. However, if you choose UPS Expedited shipping, the brokerage fee is included, which more than makes up for the difference in shipping costs over ground you get your stuff within a few days.
Ground shipping is always where you get dinged with brokerage.

There are places to buy in Canada but prices tend to be higher, even after the currency exchange.
Henry's is a big store/chain in Ontario but I've never liked their prices.
Camera Canada is the on-line branch of a real store in Ontario somewhere.
McBain Camera is based out of Edmonton and will price match other Canadian stores. They have free shipping on orders over $1000.
The Camera Store
Big Mike know of what he speaks. I would add another vote for B&H, I have a ton of personal experience with them and it's all good.

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