Sony 24mm f1.8 on Sony Nex-5n - test shots


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Mar 14, 2009
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I had more time to try out the lens on my camera body (NEX-5N) and here are a few of my observations that I posted on flickr

"1. - I'm using a Sony Nex 5N which is only 16MP so Im not sure I even need the
resolving power of this lens. That is I don't see a whole lot of difference
between the kit sharpness and the Zeiss sharpness for certain shots, I have to
zoom in to see it and really I don't view images that close - I don't think
anyone else does either.

One note however, I noticed lens flares in the
kit lens when taking pictures of candles at night and such, so I still have to
test how the Zeiss deals with lights in direct line of sight.

2 - f1.8 is great and produces nice bokeh. this is the main reason I wanted the lens.

3. It allows me to get much closer to a subject at 0.25 magnification -
another reason I wanted the lens

4. Between f1.8 and f2.5 , there is much
purple fringing in contrasty situation it kind of spoils the photo for me - and
I know this can be fixed in software but why did Sony not include this in the in
camera correction? I hate post processing.

5 - there is no image stabilization so when I tried to shoot video it was much shakier than the kit
lens. although i don't shoot much video so I don't care too much about this.
However it would be nice to have it in case I ever needed it.

6 - in video the purple fringing is evident as well and there is no way to correct for
that even in software (unless maybe with video processing software but that
would take so long for HD videos) "

Flickr: Discussing Sony Carl Zeiss 24mm f1.8 first impressions in Sony

Chromatic aberration by _erotavlas_, on Flickr
The PacMan one looks cool

Thanks :)

Ok so I noticed some lens flaring a few times on the kit lens my camera came with (18-55mm) and so I decided to see how well the new Zeiss lens did in the same situation. As you can see from the photos the Zeiss lens does very well and kind of puts the kit lens to shame. All setting for the test were identical.

Nex 18-55mm Kit Lens Flare Test by _erotavlas_, on Flickr

Carl Zeiss 24mm f1.8 Lens Flare Test by _erotavlas_, on Flickr
of course the Zeiss lens puts the kit to shame.

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