Sony a550 arrives. Test shot indoors.

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Jul 28, 2010
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Ok , after all the hoopla, my Sony arrived today.

Fine it's not as good as a Canon or a Nikon, whatever.
I have thus far been impressed,perhaps because I have never had a nice Digital SLR .

I've not had an opportunity to fire a shot in decent light and have been restricted to indoor, incandescent lighting.
Just as a semi test, I fired off a few shots.
I wanted to see how it performed under horrid lighting.
Additionally, the flash was used in Auto live view mode.
Hand held.
It's an old Sigma 70-300 APO/macro lens.
Hey! I had to use what I already had. Ok?

Obviously , I do not know how to use this camera like a pro.
I see why you guys are semi insane. This is some highly interesting stuff now that I'm able to test the boundaries of film vs digital..

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I think it could be a little more in focus around the eye. also, cloning out the gunk in the corner of the eye would be beneficial,imo. You should find more 'interesting' subjects to take shots of...and post more pictures. Congrats on the new camera.

Ps: Being new to your camera...don't forget to read the user's manual, it'll be your best friend from here on out :)
Thank you. Best I could do with the light I had.
First time I ever used a nice DSLR.
What about this one?


A standard package. Small.
Just goofing off in the middle of the night.
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Is that "legal high" incense?

Yep , that is indeed what it is.
It's a very small pouch.
I was just messing around and found it, so I shot the package just to see how the camera resolved color indoors.
I'm fairly pleased with this camera.

My lenses are 14 year old Sigma glass, but they are like new.
They function flawlessly on the Sony a550.
I'm really curious to see what a Ziess lens will do on this camera.
It's a very small pouch.

Indeed... 1.5 grams - that's what, like a roach or something...? :lol:

(Off topic, but - what did you pay for that? I've heard that it's $20 for 3 grams around here. That's insane. Real pot is cheaper...)

The full picture of the cat looks much better. Try not to look at everything at 100% - you'll make yourself go insane, lol.

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