Sony a7c vs Fuji x-t4


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Jan 15, 2022
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Hello everyone,

I'm stucked between those two cameras and could not decided which one shall I buy. May be someone can give me ideas.

I know one of them ist APC-S and other one is Full Frame
And Sony has many objective opportunities. Also this camera is light and small

Fuji has 26MP and also good for photograpy.

1. I had Samsung nx300. I know, its old and not good camera but I learned many things on that camera. That's why I would like to upgrade my camera a way better one.
2. I don't like to take a videos, just photos.
On my heart, I wanna buy Sony because it is light and full frame but I read some comperassions Fuji is really good.

May be you can give some ideas :)

Thanks a lot
I don't use either, so no help on actual use. However from a general side, if you have the opportunity to hold one, erganomics is important. Things like size, shape (how it feels in your hand), control layout, some models just fit each of us better. Availability of glass, by the manufacturer, by third party, and on the used market is another consideration. As to crop vs full frame, I'm fortunate to have both, because they each have certain advantages. One thing that seems universal is full frame glass tends to be more expensive. Personal choice is also important, if you really have your heart set on one model and you don't get it, will you always feel like you settled on something less than perfect? Choosing one camera brand with their proprietary lens mounts is like taking a wife, if you realize you made a mistake it can be expensive to swap later on.
Hello and welcome, Sony does make some exceptional cameras....
Thanks for your answers

I was thinking to buy X-T4 before A7c. For me device shall be light... Because (Just checked) my old camera was around 400gr. Its light.
Price is important, but for full frame also many possibilities and there is not too much Fuji 3rd part companies, not like Sony.

I'm looking forums and videos around a year. still could not decided :)

I would like to test both of them but there is no shop for it. And most of them locking the devices :) They are really expensive, especially an amator, like me.
Depending on where you are, there are some rental companies out there that rent cameras and lenses. Quick google search found a Sony and lens for less than $150/wk. Not cheap, but might save you big bucks later.

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