Sony A7r III - Timelapse & Auto Exposure problem


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Jan 25, 2023
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Hi thank you for welcoming in the forum,
I would like to disable the AE when using interval shooting but it is not possible it is just Low, Medium or High.

I took some timelapses at night and it's just full of jumps.
For example here is a jump. The only difference that I notice is the Exposure value.
04924.ARW = Exposure value -10,233
04925.ARW = Exposure value -10,166
It's a small change but it's unusable for me.

You can see in the screenshots also all the rest of my camera settings.

Do you have any suggestions?
Should I just take videos instead at night? How can I stop this from happening?

Thank you


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Time lapse sets always have choices you have to make. As for "jumps" well, to an extent that is the result of the time gap between frames, so it is a natural part of process. You might want to use a fixed aperture and leave exposure changes to shutter speed and ISO. Personally, I might prefer using the "S&Q" setting except on my a6400, "S&Q" time lapse is 1080p, which is disappointing. If your camera has a 4K/UHD version of time-lapse in "S&Q" then that's what I would suggest. I would also suggest trying Slog2 (exposure probably at +2.0) or maybe one of the Cine settings, and then re-adjust in post. If your camera is limited to 8-bit video then avoid Slog3 which will usually give a poor result.

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