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Sep 9, 2010
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Hi friends, okay, so I got a Sony Alpha 350 as a parting gift, and I'm a little green with it. Does anyone know what I'll need to use external flashes with radios or hotshoe compatible with this? I know there are many opinions out there. :confused: And what flash units will work?
Welcome aboard.

There are a couple Sony brand flashes that will work well for you, especially on-camera.

For simple (manual) off camera use, you can use just about any flash, and just about any flash trigger. Just be aware that, AFAIK, Sony has a slightly different hotshoe, so you may need a hot shoe adapter, if you want to use a flash trigger that is made for a standard hotshoe.

As for which flash and/or radio trigger device you should get...try searching the forum, as this has been discussed many times.
Thanks Big Mike! Time to go shopping!

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