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Sony dsc-h9 vertical line in pictures


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Sep 3, 2020
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When I take pictures there's a pink vertical line showing up on the right side of the LCD screen and also in the pictures themselves I thought it was an issue with the screen but it wouldn't show up in the photos. Could it be a crack in the mirror or something? Hopefully you can see those they show up really dark on my phone but very noticeable on my laptop and camera screen.


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Hi, just joined and saw this. Your camera doesn't have a mirror. The viewfinder is electric, a tiny TV screen for all intents and purposes. Unfortunately, that line looks like a dead column of pixels on the sensor, pretty sure since it's in the viewfinder and on the photos. If there's a local shop have them evaluate it, but I think you're probably destined for a new camera.
I'm not surprised I suppose, I bought them both from goodwill but the problem didn't seem to start until I had used it a few times. I've been looking at possibly dslr or mirrorless cameras for years but it's never the time I can afford it. The other camera I got from goodwill was the dsc-h1 which seems fine but there was a notable difference in some of the dsc-h9 features for me.

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