Sony DSC-h9


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Dec 1, 2007
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I have a sony DSC-H9. This was given to me as a present and am wondering if this Camera will be okay to be used in photography.. I mean those artistic photgraphs :D

I'm kinda new to photography so please bear with moi :)
Here are some images I took with the cam :D

bump... Need feedbacks please... Did I get screwed when i bought that camera? O_O
I own a H7 myself, and i think it is a really good camera for a P&S. I like the Shutter/Aperture Priority settings, and it is pretty good with the manual configuration. There are few differences between the h 7/9 so i went with the 7. i think its a great camera, i had a couple of pics but now its getting cold so theres not much out time now.....

I like mine.:thumbup:
Gotta work with what ya have for now...I have to deal with a Kodak EasyShare

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