Sony DSC-V3


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Mar 13, 2006
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Ypres, Belgium
Hi people,

Somebody offered me a Sony DSC-V3 from a year old and it's almost brand-new (no damages,...) for 225 euro - it was worth 700 euro in Juny 2005.

At this moment, I'm the owner of a 2-year old Canon Ixus II. Is this camera a good piece for the price of 225 euro? Has somebody good/bad experience with this camera, and can you explain?

Somebody on 4chan telled me that a Kodak is much better than a Sony, and that was a fact. Can somebody explain me that? I want to learn more about photography and take good shots, I don't have this feeling with my Ixus. It's like "point and shoot".

Thanks for the answers!

4chan link: (also highres picture of the DSC-V3 in different views.)

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