Sony MVC-CD250 -- Any good reviews, or is it really junk?


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Sep 18, 2007
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So I bought this camera at a pawn shop today, well, my dad bought it for me for $185, and Im dissapointed with it. Its not the "Complex Camera" I wanted. I mean, My mom's Canon PowerShot A75 is proveing better then this camera, to me atleaset.
My brother and Dad say the camera is awsome, but I just dont see it, Im thinking i'll take it back tommorow, and try and get a refund (its my only christmas present this yea, I want to be happy with it). Also there was a Pansonic camera there I was interested, I might try that one out, its smaller and more compact then i'd prefer, but it looks like it has more options (scenes, modes, exc..).

But I figure that i will sleep on it, and maybe get some reviews? If you have ever owned a Sony MVC-CD250 camera, please give me some advise, orrr if you know of a nice cheap camera (I was looking into one of those bulky Digital SLR cameras) that I can get at Walmart, Best Buy, or any other well-know play that is under $250, I want to know xD Long shot I know :(

Also, I just dont like that this camera takes discs instead of memory cards, I mean, its supposed to be easyer, but I dont know, its just a pain to deal with I say..'s not really worth 185. If you can get your money back, that'd be a good idea. 2.0 megapixel...CD storage...? Surely it's worth about 50 bucks to someone who collects sony stuff...I really hope they'll take it back. (just say that your dad bought it for you, but you already had a camera...and go elsewhere to find your new one)

Look for a film body SLR on ebay or something...lots go for less than 50 bucks sometimes even with a lens.

Or check craigslist or your local classifieds. There's always someone getting rid of film SLRs...and they're still perfectly good.

I know you might not be interested in film as much...but if yo uwant an SLR, that might be your only option for that cheap.

Good luck.
Sorry bout that misspelling, fixed. Funny though.

Yea, we are going today to take iit back, or trade it for the pansonic.

I would love a film camera, but I have some of those disposable cameras from 6th grade (in 9th now) that we never got developed x.x Its a hassle to go get then printed and such, but there was this really really nice Nikon at the place my dad got the Sony at, the Nikon took film though..
I had a sony mavica cd500 which was a 5 mp bridge camera that I took to Italy. I bought it specifically because it recorded onto mini discs instead of flash cards and it was much cheaper to buy a 10 pack of disks than that many flash cards. It was actually a pretty nice camera, but I sold it to pay for my first Pentax DSLR. The cd250 might not be a bad camera to learn on, but at $185, I think you got taken. I paid $650 for the cd500 but that was brand new and sold it for about as much a year later.
Yea, ive relized we got ripped off :(
We were going to take it back today, but the place wasnt open x.x

Like I said, im going to try and get my money back, or trade it for the other camera. I have my eye on this really nice FujiFilm camera at walmart, $219 or something, If I sell my (Samsung) camera and my Paddle boat I can afford it if im stuck with the sony xP
Yeah, the mini CD thing was a good Idea at the time, but It was never intended to be a long lasting format. It was something to consider when a Cd could hold 200ish mb, and the biggest memory cards were 128mb, and cost like $200.
Well im happy. I came home from school today to find a new (well, used but new to me) SONY CyberShot DSC-F707. My dad traded the other sony for this one. It cost more, but I love it :)

So the junk camera is gone :) And I have a new awseom camera.
it was more expensive?
Seriously, you got had again me thinks...3.2 megapixel camera that's 6 years old for almost or more than 200 dollars?

You realize you could just go to walmart and get a new one that's better for that much...

Just tryin to help you out, kid...I'd like for you to be happy with your purchase.
it looks brand new.

I would have gotten a new one, but the guy wouldnt let my dad get his money back so my dad just traded them. It was the best camera in the shop, and im quite happy with it.
hey man that works. If it's in good condition and you're happy, then that's fine. I was just trying to help you out a little. Next time you do decide to upgrade however...I would recommend avoiding that shop. The guy sounds like a thief.

I'm sure we'll see some nice pics comin outta you soon.

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