Sony Quietly Updates A7Riii and A7Riv


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Oct 21, 2016
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Sony has update the A7Riv and A7Riii but only by replacing the rear screens. Resolution has increased from 1.44 million dots to 2.36 million dots. Battery life has slightly reduced. The product model names are updated to "ILCE-7RM4A" and "ILCE-7RM3A" respectively. No further information is available yet.

"Sony quietly updates the a7R III, a7R IV with improved LCD panels",
Published Apr 7, 2021 by Gannon Burgett for ""
"Sony quietly updates the a7R III, a7R IV with improved LCD panels"

A "minor" hardware update of an existing camera model without a model name change is a rare event in the camera industry, but it has happened before. There was a long gap when I was not watching the camera industry, so the last time I saw this was the update of the Fujica ST701 (35mm film camera), well before DSLRs. It could have happened since that camera and this one and I missed it. But this move is particularly interesting because we have been waiting for a model replacement for the A7iii, expecting a model to catch it up to more current specs generally. I guess the one thing we are hoping is that such a model upgrade is still going to happen.

[2021-04-10 18:23]
My apologies! I misidentified the "A7RIII" and thought that it was the "A7III" that was replaced. I have corrected the text here and in the title.
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