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Mar 24, 2013
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Hi all, I just wanted to share this experience.
This past february I purchased a Sony Vaio 15.6 Laptop for my son online from sony store.At some point last weak the LCD screen went all white with vertical lines in it. I called Sony customer Care service for warranty and after speaking to a nice gentlemen on the phone with the model info and answering a few question for the rep, he told me they will order the parts and when the parts come in a few days a service tech will call me for the service repair.He also said, I do not have to send it in for the repair and the service tech will do in home repairs. I am thinking yea sure they will call and I will be on the phone for the next month or so. I get a call today around 9.00am from a service tech that the parts are in and he can come today for the repair between 10.30 and 11.30 am holy chit this is really happening.I agree of course to the time and will be waiting looking out the window for him.:mrgreen:

So the tech shows up about 10.45 am with the part and I let him in and do his work at the kitchen table for the repair.He puts down a antistatic pad and then goes to work.From start to finish I now have a new display lcd panel in 30 minutes give or take a little.I thought I would be fighting for warranty service and would have to box it and ship it back for the repairs and wait for the return.I thought the worst and got the best and I am very impressed with the service provided and didn't have to stress out trying to get something covered or have to ship it and play the waiting game. What a pleasant experience this was and nice for a change.

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