South Korean Weddings and Photography

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    In the last few years I have been listening to K-Pop music and learning about South Korea. This is all new to me. One of the few singers that I know a bit about now is Li Jieune aka "IU". I happened to click on this YouTube clip and saw a special surprise performance by IU at a "typical" wedding, arranged by a show called "The Most Beautiful Song in the World". IU is a huge star in the Orient with fans in South Korea, Japan, China and other Far Eastern countries. It was a nice performance and a touching story, but because this was a wedding, I was struck by the people taking pictures and videos. I hear a lot about Japanese being heavy photographers but this was like a photographer's convention. IU's crew probably added maybe three more cameras to this whole event. Try counting them....

    This video is subtitled in English. You might have to turn on "CC" to read the English.

    "[Most Beautiful Song in the World] IU"
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