Southern Cali Coastline at night


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Apr 6, 2007
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Orange County,California
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This is from underneath the Santa Monica pier, unfortunately we have plenty of light pollution and regular pollution in southern California so there are some interesting colors in the sky. The light on the ocean is from the ferris wheel on top of the pier (pictures of that coming soon)

im sorry, but i dont erally like it at all. the actual horizon is woo hard to make out and the bulkheads (?) in the foreground are wayyy to distracting.
Now that you point it out the horizon is a little hard to make out, i mainly liked this picture myself because of the glow on the water from the ferris wheel. Maybe if i shot from further back so instead there just being a few pillars being distracting there is more of a looking out from underneath the pier feel for the viewer. I was trying to place the viewer into the scene by making it look like you were peering out sort of. Ill have to experiment next time with different angles. Thanks for the comment

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