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Speak No Evil - Please C&C


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Apr 12, 2009
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My younger brother was playing around and I was able to snap this photo. How does this one look?

Looks pretty good, how did you set up the lighting? It's a lot softer than an on-camera flash and looks like it's coming from the left. Still a bit of noise present though, but a nice shot.
I haven't really done any editing to this photo yet but when I do, I'll get rid of the noise. I took this in a hallway with windows on the left. It is all natural lighting and I did not use a flash.
cool picture. great job with the natural light i really like it.
also like the black background with his green shirt.

nice work
very cool shot- I think you should complete the set though and get him to "see no evil" and "hear no evil!" That'd be a cool thing to put up on a wall
So I like it with the natural light. Really brings out the skin tone.
However! I am baffled about the black background, mainly because you said it wasn't really edited but there is any light on the hall or anything so maybe I'm just confused about how he looks so "stuck on"
It was an overcast day and the only light coming in was from the left through two windows. The hallway behind him had no windows so it looks black in the photo. I hope this explanation helps. :) Thank you for the comments.

I actually would like to complete the set but I'll have to work to catch him at just the right moments. :)

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