Specks on Sensor !!! Blow Bulb made it worse !!!


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Mar 22, 2007
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West Virginia
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Well, I guess it was only a matter of time,
but I noticed I had a few spots in my photos from a resent trip.
So, I put my Canon 30D into cleaning mode, and sure enough,
I could see a few specks of dust on the sensor.
I gave it a few puffs of air, but now there is more than before !!!!!!

HELP! Where do I go from here?
I REALLY dont want to send this thing in for cleaning due to the time and $ it would take.

You could buy your own cleaning kit and do it yourself. It's not hard at all.

This is what i've used and had 100% success with.
copperhill system
Hold the camera upside down and hit it with the blower again. The first time I blew in the camera I made it worse, the second all the dust disappeared.

Those cleaning kits are only needed for persistent dust which doesn't move with air.
Garbz has it. If you dont turn it down then the dust just blows around. I like to blow out the fron first too, that way Im sure the dust isnt in that part to get back on the sensor.

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