Speedlite 320 EX and what else?


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Aug 15, 2013
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Up until now, I've only ever really done anything with natural light. I'm still learning, and pretty much just shoot my kids and some friends, etc. Until I really get a better understanding of what I'm doing anyways. I was planning on getting the Canon 320 EX, and I'm going to pour over Strobist to really learn what I'm doing. I want to get a backdrop stand (so far I've just used seamless paper and made do for my own kids). From browsing on here, many of the posts talk about it being better to buy a kit for the stand, and being careful not to get too cheap a stand. If I were to go with this flash, can you just point me in a general direction of what I might need to get me started? Just a simple basic setup. Can I get away with just a backdrop stand for now, and this flash, bouncing the light off a reflector or something, then add on in a few months? I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks, and my husband wants to buy me the stand for it. Thanks!
I wouldn't worry about a background stand at this point; just shoot against blank walls for now! What I would suggest you get in order of [my perceived] importance are: A light-stand, a radio trigger, a modifier and a reflector. This will allow you to get the flash off and away from the camera, trigger it via RF vice optically, meaning you don't need to worry about line-of-sight or using your pop-up flash to trigger, diffuse the light, and provide fill and act as a second light. There are cheaper versions of all of these products on eBay, but remember, you get what you pay for. As far as the speedlight itself goes, as I am a Nikonian and not a Canonite, I can't really comment on it.
Do yourself a HUGE favor: Start here: Strobist: Lighting 101

At the bottom of the article, just before the comments start, you'll find the word "Next:" and a link. Follow those and you'll soon know exactly what you need first, second, next, and so on - PLUS how to use them.
Thanks Buckster, I actually started reading it after I posted. I had originally read the first part, and it made it sound kind of like I needed to have the flash to benefit from it. But I realized after that it goes over all the rest.
Thanks!! I just have 2 pieces of plywood I used for the paper I have, since we have carpet. Worked great. I will focus on the lighting aspect first and just keep using that. Appreciate it!

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