SpiderPro Dual Camera system


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Jul 14, 2013
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I've seen a few threads about straps and such, but I have a few very specific questions about the SpiderPro Dual Camera system. It seems like a great system, especially because it keeps the weight away from your upper body. However, I have two major concerns:

1. Once you take one of the cameras from the belt to use it, it is basically unsecured. Drop it and you're in trouble. Which method would be best to provide some extra safety? Hand strap, wrist strap, or even a BlackRapid Yeti (in which case the weight is carried by the SpiderPro, and the Yeti acts as a safety strap only)? The pictures of the SpiderPro I've seen so far seem to indicate that the tripod mount is still usable for the Yeti, but if anyone can confirm that, that would be awesome.

2. When the camera is dangling from the belt, the flash shoe seems to be pointing outwards. Which means that a mounted flash would extend to the left or right of you for its entire length, greatly increasing the chance of you hitting something with it. Has anyone had any experience with this?


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