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Spinny Thing

Space Face

Been spending a lot of time on here!
Feb 7, 2020
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At least I think it spins, maybe just rocks, I didn't try it. It was in a kids playpark so it must do something.

Brach-2- DENOISED-denoise.jpg
I think it's a target for Frisbee golf. Nice shot.
Cheers. Definitely not for golf or frisbee. The holes are way too big and as said, it's in a childs play park. I'm sure it spins or rocks from the base but didn't try it. I may return to investigate further.;)
We want pictures of you trying it out!
Maybe it's a time machine. Maybe you can go back 30 years and 50 lbs. :chuncky: ;)
we need pictures of you on it. and don't worry, we'll all sign your cast afterwards. ;)

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