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Sports Posters


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Jan 22, 2012
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South Australia
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Just joined - so here's my first attempt at showing a photo :(. I mainly do local sports for a small town/district in South Australia (my hobby).
Have started making posters. Here are a few examples (Australian Rules Football and Cricket may be a bit strange to US folks)
I'm not sure I have the right method for showing photo link (instructions did not cover Smugmug)



I think they are good attempts but I don't like the white glow around the cut-outs although I'm not sure what i'd have done.
Great - thanks for the feedback. I will look at other possibilities and see how thay compare.
I disagree to an extent. I like the glow, but I'd take it down just a notch. I don't think they ruin it by any means, but I think it would look just a little better if there was less of a glow, but still some to show.
Thanks for that - appreciate you both taking the time to provide some feedback. I used it to try and give some separation and make the element standout a bit more (not get lost in the background). I will definitely try making it less prominent and experimenting with different hues ... or look for an effect that will work better.
I like the posters. A lot. They are nicely done, and the photos that they were made with are really good too.

They are a bit cheesy for my taste though. The flames coming up behind the go cart, or the streak of fire behind the ball the player is throwing, are just way to fake/cheesy/corny looking for my taste.
Thanks for the feedback Destin - sometimes the "third" eye sees more than my two eyes. I will continue to experiment and look for a variety of ways to personalise them.

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