Spring time in Boulder CO! C&C welcome!


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Apr 12, 2009
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Denver, CO
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The past week has been frustrating because the weather has been terrible here, and I haven't been able to take any photos. Today was beautiful, so I made my way up to Boulder to get a few shots. This is the second weekend with my camera, and I am still very very new. One problem I had today was getting clean and crisp photos! I find that some of them are somewhat out of focus.

Here are the five that I like best, although I am only happy with one or two out of a few hundred.





Nothing??? Are they that bad?? Any tips on exposure, composition, clarity??

I don't know about the first two. I like that I had to focus on it for a while to see the three dimensions to it..the ice, the branches, the sky...but it might just be too busy without a clear subject?? I'm no pro (especially with nature/landscape...it's just not my area). Number 3 looks clean..just kind of boring (for me..again not a nature photographer kind of person). Number 4...same. Number 5, I think could have looked better minus the branches in the front and the pipe (??) running through.

Maybe someone who has a little more expertise in this area will give you a completely different critique. I don't mean to discourage you. I just hate when someone posts and they don't ANY response. This was the best I could do. Keep on shooting!!
Thank you for the comments. The first two pics are of a reflection of a bush in a puddle of water, there's no ice in that picture.
Nothing??? Are they that bad??
They aren't that bad...they just aren't very interesting.
Any tips on exposure, composition, clarity??
The exposure looks pretty good in all of these. Composition wise, they seem very static. The last two show this by cutting the images in half...vertically in the 4th shot and horizontally in the 5th shot.

The diagonal twig in the 3rd shot is doing the same thing...it's cutting the image in half. The diagonal helps to make the image a little more dynamic, but it may work better if the twig was off to one side of the other and getting closer so that it fills the frame more would help. Maybe shooting it in portrait orientation too.

The first shot is confusing.

The second shot is better but not that visually interesting.
thank you for the comments, that's exactly what I needed! My goal right now is to learn how to take quality pics, with the correct exposure, and learn/understand the principles behind photagraphy in general. Once I get this down, I can focus most of my energy on the creative/interesting aspects...

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