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Sep 23, 2007
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lincoln, NE
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i recently purchased a new lcd (Samsung SyncMaster 245BW) to add to my Samsung 213T (ive had for 4 years). I couldnt get the colors or brightness to match on the monitors so I decided to get a Spdyer2express. The monitors still do not match after running the calibration software, and the new samsung still looks much too bright. Its much brighter than prints I have ordered from mpix.com

any ideas? (and yes I am sure each monitor is receiving the correct color profile)
IIRC, I thought that Express couldn't equalize the calibration of multiple monitors...
MAXBLOOM... they can if you just disable your primary monitor and calibrate the secondary monitor (making sure to save the color profile from the first calibration under a different name so you can reassign it to the primary monitor again)

fotogenik - they are both LCD

either way, the new monitor which is my primary monitor after calibration is still much brighter than prints ordered from mpix
On a non-vista Windoz machine, it requires 2 separate video cards to calibrate dual monitors. I have a decent 2nd PCI card to run my secondary monitor. Even my old Monaco Optix Xr can do this. My hardware vendor tells me Vista will let you calibrate duals on a dual head video card. I actually don't find I needed both calibrated, I browse on one and run Photoshop on the other. The Photoshop tools are on my secondary, but all actual correction is always done on the primary.
jstuedle - i run a program called ultramon which allows me to apply seperate color profiles to each monitor (on a single video card)
Take the monitor with the closest brightness and manually adjust the other to match closely (dark room is necessary). Then calibrate the other monitor.

With different monitors, it will be impossible to get it perfectly matching as they have different backlights and LCD panels. The Dell 30incher and the Apple 30incher both have the same LCD panels but the backlight is different. My friend could never get them to match perfectly.. My 3 monitors include 1 old clear plastic version apple display and a newer metal framed apple display. Same manufacturer but even they don't match perfectly.. close.... but not perfect.
jstuedle - i run a program called ultramon which allows me to apply seperate color profiles to each monitor (on a single video card)

Cool, was that available around 3 years ago? This is when I first looked into doing this. But, as I say, I am not so eager to calibrate both as I don't really require it. It's still nice to have them look the same though.

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