Squirrel - finally!!


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Oct 2, 2005
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Saw a few squirrels out this morning and got some pictures! Im happy with how these came out!




Thanks 4 looking
Nice shots..we have had a couple coming into the garden lately but they disappear before I get the camera out..
Ohhhh Holly they are GREAT. Ive never even managed to photograph a squirrel yet, as soon as I see one they are off, must be my deodorant
very nice!

i really like squack #3. I have studied squirrels a LOT and i can tell you he is hatching a plot of some sorts just by the glint in its eye! lol!
Thanks!! :) I love having them in my yard... Makes it a lot easier to click a pic.!
The best place to get squirrel shots around here is government areas and colleges. I was at my state capitol this weekend and took all the squirrel shots I wanted. I saw probably 50 while there.
awww how cute im about to shoot some squirels ll post them when i have finished to see what u think. Great pics
I am very envious that there are some animals like squirrel in your yard.
They seem very lovely.
Did you become good friends? hehe!

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