Squirrel in the Park


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Dec 20, 2008
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Just a picture i took the other day, wanted to see what you thought

Awww! I love squirrels!

This is a pretty good snapshot, but nothing more, I'm afraid. The focus is right in front of the squirrel and the squirrel (cute as it is) blends into the leaves...
Looks good. I went to the park today and got a pic of one. Just couldn't get close enough...
Harmony: yeah, I really don't like photobucket, it really drained some quality from the photo

I put a little S-curve on it, I'm not sure if it helped or not

I really dislike photobucket so I use flickr now. It doesn't take away from the sharpness, too much!

It does help it pop - now you have to address the problem of the centered and small squirrel. Try a close crop, following the rule of thirds, and with the squirrel larger!
We'll, this is what I cropped it as. I'm definitely going to check out flickr cause photobucket drives me crazy

Mmm. I like the crop, but the nose is too black.

Also, the only downside to flickr is that you need a yahoo email account... but you can just make one and never use it.
After the cropping it's a decent enough picture. Nicely photoshop in an acorn and you have a good pic :)
Wow, its a big difference, looking at what I first posted and what i have now.
The crop is definitely an improvement. Before, it was a picture of the ground with a squirrel, now it's a picture of a squirrel. You might be able to go even tighter.

Another composition tip. The image would have been even better if you could have gotten lower to the ground. Everyone's looked down at a squirrel. It's much rarer to look at them at eye-level. Of course, he was probably on the move here, so that may have been difficult.
Blash: Thanks. If only I had an acorn :)

Samanax: Thanks for the tips, I'll check out those sites

KvnO: Yeah, this was actually shot at the zoo right after it had stopped raining, so I didn't want to get too dirty :p but I see where you're coming from, and thanks for the tip.

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