Squirrels & More Squirrels


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Jan 4, 2008
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Washington, DC
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Some cool shots of some squirrels I took today. Let me know what you think!





I think number 2 is the best technically. Good exposure and sharpness. :)

We never see squirrels in so cal. :(
Wow! He's a fatty! I like #2 and #4 the best. The first one is maybe a bit underexposed. On #4, the focus seems to be slightly off on his face. But that might just be my 8 year old monitor. :er:
as everybody I like #2 & #4. Specially #2, because of the good colors and contrast
Cute animals they are!
Photo 2 is most easily picked as the best of the series.
And this particular little fellow looks like he's had many a cookie by other people before!!! Wow. He'll make it through winter all right, he does not even need any more food to carry him right through to spring :D.
Yeah I like #2 the best as well. These squirrels get pictures of them taken daily, its like they are trained circus animals lol.

Thanks for the comments!

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