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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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1. Ka-whoooom!

(Actually this made me think of the piece we sang in the Christmas Eve Midnight Service, by Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, which starts with the words "Es wird ein Stern aus Jakob aufgeh'n" ... some will understand - and I tried and tried in vain to find the music online)







And these are still only just SOME examples of the "fire images" Florian von Bothmer managed to paint into the sky!!!
Great pics again!
The 3 last pics are pretty awsome...well done
Ya got some sweet shots here Corinna. Tough to pick a fave out of these. Very well captured.
#2 (crop to clean the bottom) is my favorite.
These are really nice shots Corinna! They are shot on film? I agree with cropping #2 as the yellow at the bottom seems to take away from the great red "Stars" in the upper quadrant. I would love to take some fireworks shots but they always seem to attract crowds of people and I'm not big on crowds of people where they can be avoided.:)
There was a HUGE crowd, all right. The road leading towards my place was totally packed and people had to park their cars all throughout the village and then walk back to the place where the fireworks were going to be.
My son and I (on the second day), however, WALKED from our home to the area and then looked for a narrow path into the fields. We ruined our shoes just a little by crossing that field to get to the back of where it was all going to happen, and there we were, in the middle of nowhere, all alone, no one else around, prepared (and waiting and getting cold for about 1 1/2 hours).

Why did I go there?
Because I "am not big on crowds of people"! Not at all!!! I don't deal with them well, myself, either.

As to the photo of the little stars in the sky: actually the whole "image" that was created at that stage of the "Fireworks-Musical 'Confidence'" (for that is what it really was!) was a ground display ALONG with one up in the sky, and I TRIED (apparently quite in vain) to capture the WHOLE. Now I see that including the ground display is only distracting. But my wide angle lens sometimes wasn't wide enough... ;)

Have you seen my_other_thread_on_the_firework_display ?
Well given the choice of facing the crowds or standing in a dark, cold field for one and a half hours, I would have....Stayed home!:) Knowing that you stood in that field for that length of time waiting makes the shots even more impressive. I am in awe of your ability to place image acquisition before creature comfort. I'm a big wus in that department. I'm heading to the second show now:)
Thanks for looking, Roy ... and the last resembles yours most, doesn't it, what with a strong wind going in gusts (and there must have been one when that batterie was launched ;)).

And thanks for looking EVERYONE ELSE!! Much, much, much appreciated!

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