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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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Since we "have" a (meanwhile even quite renowned) pyro technician in our village (his parents live here, they are the Counts von Bothmer and even OWN a fair bit of the land this village is on), we Lauenbrück-ians get regaled a free firework show every year both on 28 and 29 December. So once more I had to try my hands a photographing fireworks, more so since this offered the only bit of colours we are likely to get in these bleak days of a (all snowfree) winter.

The first photo that I am going to show is a failure, technically, for on 28 I had accidentally set my camera to ISO 1600 (and could have kicked myself in the butt later when I noticed), so the "Flowers in the Sky" are overexposed ... but I still liked this particular "picture" that young Jan-Florian Graf von Bothmer managed to paint into the sky with his explosives. To me it feels like Passion Flower blossoms:


And some more "fire pictures" that resemble flowers or plants (to me they do)

2. Weeping Willow

3. Dahlia

4. Bush

5. Swamp grass in the wind

6. The Bouquet

This fireworks show was quite exceptional.
I have more - different "images".
nice , especially the last two :)

however, the Bothmer-Pyrotechnik and the Corinna-Foto 2007 are very faint to read on each shot ...
They are supposed to be faint and not to take away from the photos. That was my intention. Thanks for looking. If you are interested, I may well show you more! :D

And well, yes, the first four were taken on Friday, with the camera still set to ISO 1600 ... the last two were taken a day later, from a closer-by standpoint, camera at ISO 100, and with better preparation on my part! It shows, clearly, doesn't it?
Awsome ...5 and 6 i like a lot.
How cool Corinna! I only HEARD the fireworks, I was busy at home and couldn't make the show. Next year I will try harder!
But your photos are a worthy subsitite!
Well done (especially the last two....)

flofrog from Scheessel-City
I think they're great Corinna, especially the last few! Do show more!
Great captures here too. I especially like the "Weeping willow" shot and the "Bouquet"
2 and 5 are my favorites :thumbup:
Easy for 5 and 6 to be best here, for, like I was saying earlier, the first four were taken from much farther away and with the wrong settings :)er: - silly me!) and what you see here are some serious crops.

Which does not apply to the last two here!
number 5 is a little bit special!!

no fireworks for me over the new year just Foxes, Weasels and Otters :biggrin:

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