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Jun 28, 2008
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- of going out to shoot kids in costume. After all, it is Halloween.

Then, a cop stops me & tells me they got a complaint of a guy taking pics of kids. Well yes, of of kids in costume. I show him the shots I had taken until he got bored watching. I moved on to another location but without any enthusiasm for the shoot.

This guy, with his little sweetie was obviously not the complainant.
That is unfortunate. Society is very ill with no cure in sight. We are living in sad times. Don't let it get you down my friend.

I know how you feel. I was stopped a few weeks back and read some kind of government rights laws regarding terrorist acts. I was taking pictures of industrial oil refinery. Had no idea I was doing anything wrong. I was asked to delete pics while they watched, took my information, and said I may be contacted. I felt violated, embarrassed, and angry all at the same time. They showed me some tiny signs posted.

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