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Nov 30, 2012
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Southern California
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Hey guys was wondering if you could critique my photos. Thanks I really want to know what Im doing right/wrong!

#1 not sure i like the angle and think that its too cropped. Maybe increase the shadows a little so you can see some more tread on the wheels?
really not sure on #2
The rest seem ok, with #4 being my fav :)
Thanks you guys really appreciate it. Bump for more critiques, negative or positive!
They all look really cool, but something weird is going on with #1 for me - it looks like maybe too much on the HDR overcook button, it kind of makes it look like the car has a bad spray paint job. Maybe it just has a little too much editing on it.

Anyway, these look cool ;)
They get better from one shot to the next. The first one is cropped way too tight and the background is cluttered. Open the aperture some to blur out what you can and try to avoid having things like posts growing out of the car.
Second one is too tight and there is a lot going on in the background again. It looks like a show or cruise night so I get that it is hard to avoid that. Stop down some, look for angles without so much in the frame behind the car or just get some details.
The rest look pretty good, maybe get rid of the overhead wires in the last two and eliminate the reflections on the side of the car.
Not bad overall.
The first and second look kind of snapshotty due to the backgrounds, but the others--where it appears you had a chance to take care of the background problem--are quite nice.
What really distracts me about #1 and 2 are the backgrounds. (and on #1 the front of the car gets much too close to the edge of the frame.) I'm guessing you were at a car club meet and had no control over the placement and background. If you can control the car placement then you really want to watch the backgrounds.

I wish #3 was lower so that the car is "grounded" to the road. It's in just a bit close -- but I do like the angle, lighting, and background.

I like #4 but would clone out that lone light pole on the left, and the phone wires above. Darken the parking lot (burn) to help the car stand out a bit better. The front right corner on the car is a bit bright.

I'm not nuts about #5. The ground is un-level... too little to look deliberate. The front right quarter of the car is well lit, but everything else looks much too dark and looses detail (e.g. the grille)
Just found these ant TCampbell above has about the same issues I have. background in the first few. as said you were probalby at a meet so you cropped in tight as you could. which is fine if your showing event coverage. but as a stand alone car photo they don't work. I like to zoom in tight but you still want some space for the thing to breathe.

for your last two the location is better, but hate seeing that nice skyline kind of trumped by the tan buildings in front of them. not sure if you could have moved everything to the left a bit to get more of the downtown and less of the warehouse buildings. lightling looks a bit odd with them. did you use a flash or light them yourself. or are those just the parking lots lights?

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