Statue of the Unknown Photographer

Helen B

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Sep 16, 2007
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Hell's Kitchen, New York
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Happy commuters scurrying to work across London Bridge in the bright morning sun are greeted by the Statue of the Unknown Photographer. Everyone in London can be famous and rich.*


* Not all of this is true.
I like the picture and Idea but I think the foreground is too underexposed. I think I'd like to see some of the commuters faces! If it were my pic, I'd lighten the shadows in PS. JMHO


Thanks for the comment, and the suggestion. The complete darkness on the left hand side is intentional, and the image was darkened in PS to achieve that, but thanks anyway.

Best wishes,
That's a fascinating shot, something I can stare at for a very long time. Love the neat lines, the colors, the way your eyes are immediately drawn to the foreground but because of the dark shading forces you to slowly look towards the back. I also like the fact that you can't see the facial expressions; this doesn't seem to be a photo about individuality, rather a collective experience, the droll world we are all a part of. You offer a unique vision here, balancing the cliche of a rat race population with a sleek color scheme and composition, creating a good deal of humor that borders on the absurd. With that in mind the statue of the photographer seems to take on a wildly epic status, full of abstract symbolism.

Incredible composition, incredible insight. You are a brilliant photographer.

Thanks very much for that. It is very gratifying to see that my careful intent has been seen by someone else.

As I mention at the bottom of the post, not everything I wrote was true. That is a real photographer going about his business (and unconnected with me, going about my business), hence the silhouette to make a statue one possible reading. It's a platform that is commonly used by photographers, and if ever there was to be a statue of an unknown photographer that could well be the right place.

Best wishes,

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