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Feb 20, 2011
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Newcastle, Australia
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Apologies; with the results of the shoot it seems the title has become a ruse. mishele; it seems the starfish from the previous thread ( is a one off, so no junk in this thread. That is, unless you are creative with the following shot :p

2011_10_23_8325 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr

Other than that the only cool animals I could find were three of this guy; but only one was out in the open enough to get a couple of decent shots:

2011_10_23_8371 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr

2011_10_23_8372 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr

And just cause he let me get so close (1.2m to sensor plane); a random seagull:

2011_10_23_8293 by tyler_s_hamilton, on Flickr

As always any c&c is appreciated.

The first three were all shot at 1/200 and f/11, ISO of 100 or 200, and flash on my macro bracket (see flickr for the set up sans polariser). I also had my circular polariser to try and cut as much reflection back from the water as possible. Any tips on shooting into water are appreciated as there were a fair few dud shots to get these few.

The seagull was 1/400, f/5.6, ISO400 with the circular polariser but no flash. Completely overcast day so just a grey sky for him.

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